The Start of a New Journey

My name is Lela Lewis, I am 20 years old, and I am from South Los Angeles. Growing up, my parents always made sure I did more than just attend school. Whether that was participating in after school programs, girl scouts, track and field, dance, student leadership, and other various sports and activities, being an active child was something I took pride in. 

It was not until the beginning of my senior year in high school where I did nothing but go to school and work. After having the urge to do more, I started cooking and selling breakfast sandwiches at school. This abruptly came to an end due to the pandemic. I never felt so lazy and purposeless in my life. I didn't learn much from schooling online, I didn't work, and I most definitely had no extracurricular activities.

After gaining weight, falling into depression, and questioning my purpose on this earth, I knew I had to take control of my life. Exercising and creating better eating habits were the things that motivated me to take advantage of each day. I made an effort to work out every morning and practiced self-control when it came to eating food just because. After deciding to create an online business in May of 2020, I honestly just wanted to make money. I thought that I could just pick a couple of products to sell, advertise a little, then BOOM, dollar signs! I truly believed that having more money in my account would make me "happy". When growing a true passion for business and allowing God to be the ultimate priority I soon learned that money was just a source. Not a healer. A way maker. A true friend.

Once I took money off the pedestal it never deserved, I decided that if I was running a clothing business it had to be clothes I loved and on God's time. I had to quit worrying about how long it would take for me to start making money. I needed to enjoy the journey even more than the outcome. Appreciate my last youth years while still taking advantage of time. And ultimately seeking God's presence and salvation. 

Now we are here in the present day and Elevate is here to inspire others to work hard to achieve goals with a remembrance to be grateful.

Seize The Day.